Company  History

Ceramics Injection Molding
Creative idea group, Reliability, Welcome to Company.
  • 10Foundation of the company      
  • 10Change into legal entity, MID Co. Ltd.
  • 10Certified ISO 9001
  • 06Establish Research Center for Ceramic Technology (Korea Industrial Technology Association)
  • 05Certified as venture capital
  • 05Certified as part material specialized company
  • 10Certified ISO14001
  • 06Accepted as Clean Business (Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency)
  • 10Certified INO-BIZ
  • 06Patent registration (Manufacturing method of gold colored ceramic pellet)
  • 05Participated in exhibition in SEMICON, Shanghai China 2014
  • 05Participated in exhibition in ACE 2014 (4th International Advanced Ceramic Exhibition)
  • 05Participated in exhibition in IMAC 2014 (2014 Global Expo for Material Part Industry)
  • 10Participated in exhibition in the 9th Gwangju Expo for Products of Small-to-Medium Sized Businesses
  • 06Participated in exhibition in ACE2015 (5th International Advanced Ceramic Exhibition)
  • 05Trademark registration (DAWN KERA)
  • 05Participated in exhibition in Ceramitec 2015 (Exhibition of Ceramic, Munchen, Germany)
  • 05Participated in exhibition in INTRA 2015 (2015 International Exhibition for New Materials and Applied Technology /Exhibition for Ceramic Industry)
  • 10Participated in exhibition in BASEL WORLD 2016 (Exhibition for watch and jewelry, Swiss in 2016)
  • 06Participated in exhibition in ACE2016 (6th International Advanced Ceramic Exhibition)